Position Paper on Taiwan


Peggy Huang was born in Taiwan and understands the importance of relations between the United States and Taiwan. She will be a supporter and advocate for Taiwan in the United States House of Representatives when it comes to legislation on foreign policy. The 45th Congressional District has a large Taiwanese American Community in Irvine and other parts of the district.

In Congress, Peggy looks forward to working with both Republicans and Democrats in order to support a bill that will reform our immigration system. One idea would be expanding work visas and student visas that could be converted to green cards. Foreign students who come to America for graduate schools are often at the top of their classes. After obtaining a valuable education, they can contribute to our economy. Because we train them, they should be allowed to stay in the U.S. as a great addition to our workforce. Additionally, Asian countries have more people who want to immigrate but the limitation on visas cause them to endure long wait times. As a result, people from countries with long wait times come to America illegally or overstay their tourist visas.

Former United States Representative Ed Royce was Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Peggy supports the work that he did in support of Taiwan during his tenure in Congress including his authoring of Public Law 113-17 which made international air travel between the United States and Taiwan safer. He also supported the effort to help Taiwan rejoin the International Civil Aviation Organization after successfully advocating for Taiwan to be included in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Peggy promises to author similar bills that support United States relations with Taiwan, once elected.

Both the United States and Taiwanese have a shared vision that an effort to support Taiwan will increase stability in the region. Peggy has a priority on ensuring that human rights, education, and free market policies are an emphasis in the relationship between the United States and Taiwan. While supporting Taiwan, Peggy understands the U.S. One China policy and hopes that an effort can be made to increase and support communication between Beijing and Taipei.

Peggy plans to join the Congressional Taiwanese Caucus once she is elected. She also supports the following specific positions:

  • On the 2010 Census, Taiwanese people could only choose between being “Chinese” or “Other Asians”, Peggy supports, “Taiwanese” being an option for people to choose on future Census surveys.

  • The Taiwan Relations Act is celebrating 40 years and Peggy supports this act and what it has done.

  • Peggy supports both Six Assurances and the Taiwan Travel Act.

  • The Taiwan Assurance Act was recently introduced in the United States Senate and Peggy supports this bill.