Public Safety & National Defense

I support tough criminal laws and setting up neighborhood watches. Police officers cannot be at every street. Neighborhood watch is a great extension of volunteer police services. On the national level, we need to protect our citizens by having a very strong national defense.

As to criminal laws, I favor lowering the petty theft amount to $500. I also support the three strikes law for violent/serious offenders.

I also believe in good forest management to reduce fuel for wildfires. I think city planners, environmentalists, fire fighters, and federal forest management have to work together on forest management and wildlife interface.

Healthcare Reform

I support a market based system (fee of service, health care savings accounts, direct patient care, managed care, and Medicare Advantage) and coverage for pre-existing conditions. Additionally, I want to work with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies on ways to lower costs without reducing reimbursements to healthcare providers. I also want to work with the food industry on promoting healthy eating and lifestyles as preventative care. Furthermore, external costs on the health care system such as malpractice lawsuits and failure to sign a “do not resuscitate” have contributed to the high cost of health care. I support a cap on punitive damages and encourage patients to sign a DNR.

There are no details in the Medicare for All proposal by Democrats. Currently the government lists mandatory coverage by Medicare and private insurance companies carryout that mandate. If Medicare for all is designed to be like the current Medicare model, there is no cost savings and it is the same as Obamacare.

If Medicare for All is socialized medicine, we already have a socialized medicine system which is the VA system. Given the dysfunctions at the VA, I oppose expanding the VA system to care for all Americans.

Furthermore, I support pharmaceutical companies investing in antibiotics research. Currently there are no new antibiotics in the research pipeline. It takes 20 years from research to consumer on any drug. With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria (superbugs), outpatient doctors are using the last line of defense antibiotics to treat patients. The last line of defense drugs are supposed to be used in the hospital as drugs of last resort. Without new antibiotics, we cannot cure simple infections.

Moreover, promoting good dental hygiene is a necessary component of healthcare. Many infections can be traced to poor dental hygiene. Public education as well as cost reduction are needed to ensure that people obtain good dental care.

Education & Student Loan Reform

I support charter schools and vouchers. I think there should be more teachers and less administrators. Teachers should not seek to be promoted to being administrators in order to obtain higher pay and overburden a school with heavy bureaucracy where money does not go to students.

Also, I support vocational/skill training. Not all students are meant to go to college. Some students have interests or skills that could be cultivated into training from which they can obtain jobs. For example, there is a worldwide shortage of pilots. China will need 15,000 pilots within the next five years as it expands its domestic routes. A pilot does not need a college degree. He/she attends flight school. After certification, a pilot can earn a six-figure salary.

Further, I support making transitional living classes mandatory for all high school students. The class (like those offered to foster children) will teach budgeting, how to apply for a job, and loan repayment/debt management.

I support low taxes and helping families lower their student loan burden. I propose that we work with banks on interest-free loans while a student is in school. However, the there is a cap on the number of years an individual can be enrolled in school so there are no perpetual students.

Employees are the companies' greatest assets. I support tax incentives for companies who give bonuses to employees to pay their student loans, and employees do not pay taxes on the money given to them for loan repayment. This is a win-win for employers and employees.

Economy & Jobs

I believe in the free market system and oppose tariffs. Something that I oppose, because it is unfair when discussing the economy, is corporate welfare. Subsidies should not be given to wealthy corporations. Several economic studies have shown that revenues do not match with the tax incentives. I support more technical/vocational jobs.


Our immigration system needs to be reformed. I support expanding work visas and student visas that could be converted to green cards. Foreign students who come to America for graduate schools are often the top students in their classes. They obtain a valuable education and can contribute to our economy. Because we train them, they should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and be a great addition to our workforce.

I also support strong border enforcement and thorough screening of immigrants. We also have to reform the visa quota system assigned to each country. Historically, fewer people from Europe apply for visas to legally immigrate to the U.S. and visas go “unused” for those countries. Central America and Asian countries have more people who want to immigrate but the limitation on visas cause them to endure long wait times. As a result, residents from countries that have long wait times come to America illegally or overstay their tourist visas.


The 45th Congressional District is facing systemic traffic pressure on the 405 and 5 Freeways as well as local streets. Residents’ quality of life is tied to the amount of time they spent idling in traffic. I want to work on federal transportation dollars for regional mobility.


Water is a significant issue in California. Places for regional water storage should be explored and federal dollars are needed for building and recharging underground water storage. Furthermore, I support desalinization as a tool during drought years.


We have several wildlife preserve areas in CD-45. Wildlife and forest management is necessary to ensure that residents are safe in wildlife interface zones. I intend to work with environmentalists and firefighters to ensure that natural resources are preserved and firefighters can safely do their jobs.