Public Safety & National Defense

I will always support tough laws that punish violent criminals and keep our communities safe. I have been a strong advocate for setting up neighborhood watches in our cities. Police officers cannot be at every street and the first line of defense for our safety is our own citizens. Neighborhood watch is a great extension of volunteer police services.

I will always stand beside and support the men and women of law enforcement who stand on the thin blue line between. I believe they represent the foundation for the enforcement of our laws and thereby must be acknowledged for their important role. I do believe that there are areas where we can improve our criminal justice system and modify some of our laws to keep nonviolent offenders out of prison, and directed through the reform structures that will benefit all of us. We must however have a strong respect for property rights and punish crimes that degrade our business community. I favor lowering the petty theft amount to $500, allowing law enforcement to take action on crimes at the early point of a potential habitual pattern of offense. I also support the three strikes law for violent/serious offenders.

Healthcare Reform

I support a market-based system (fee of service, health care savings accounts, direct patient care, managed care, and Medicare Advantage) and coverage for pre-existing conditions. Additionally, I want to work with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies on ways to lower costs without reducing reimbursements to healthcare providers. I also want to work with the food industry on promoting healthy eating and lifestyles as preventative care. Furthermore, external costs on the health care system such as malpractice lawsuits and failure to sign a “do not resuscitate” have contributed to the high cost of health care. I support a cap on punitive damages and encourage patients to sign a DNR.

Sadly, our national political discourse has descended into platitudes and sound bites, providing little to no substance on important issues. Some Democrats, including the current occupant in Washington who is supposed to be representing our district, advocates for “Medicare For All” which amounts to Medicare for None. There are no details offered in the “Medicare for All” proposal by these Democrats. If “Medicare for all” is designed to be like the current Medicare model, there would be a diminishment of service quality, explosive cost increases, and reduction in services for seniors and the most vulnerable among us.

Jobs & Economy

I believe in the free market system and that government should not be picking winners and losers in our economy. I believe that our local, state, and national economy does best when trade is fair, free, and open trade. We should look to avoid tariffs on foreign goods just as we should oppose limitations on our exports to other countries. Likewise, subsidies should not be given to wealthy corporations at the expense of small business, entrepreneurs, and hard-working families. Several economic studies have shown that revenues projected from tax policies do not match with the tax incentives. I support more technical/vocational jobs while looking to the jobs of the future for our children and grandchildren’s generation.

Improve Education

I believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed in life. This is why education is among the most important investments we can make to guarantee a brighter future. We know that the best performing students are those which learn in environments with high levels of safety, quality instructors, proper tools for learning, and a culture that lifts expectations. We also know that every child learns differently, and that the emergence of technology has rapidly changed the face of our economy. The jobs of the future will require more critical thinking and communication skills, especially as they overlap STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

While many of the public schools in our district are excellent, there are some that are falling behind. I believe innovation and choice are important catalysts for improving education across the board. We are fortunate to have some excellent private and charter schools in our district as well. No matter what type of school, we don’t need bureaucrats in Sacramento or Washington DC pushing our teachers and students to follow the mandates of their social experimentation agendas. Our classrooms should empower teachers to do what they do best, allowing children to learn and grow as opposed to teaching to the test.

I will be a strong advocate for inclusion of vocational and workforce skill training in our high schools. Not all students should go to college, some do not want to, others do and never finish, leaving behind lost opportunity and mountains of debt. We must respect that students have interests or aptitude for enduring jobs that will provide a good living. I support making personal finance and what was once called home economics classes mandatory for all high school students. The class (like those offered to foster children) will teach budgeting, how to apply for a job, and loan repayment/debt management.

Student Loans

I support low taxes and helping families lower the burden of student loans. I propose that we work with banks on finding a compromise that would allow interest-free loans while a student is in school. Under such a proposal there would be a cap on the number of years an individual can be enrolled in school so that we put an end to the endless debt cycle and the failed strategy of financing living costs for perpetual students. Employees are the greatest assets of our country’s business. If properly structured, I would support a tax policy that would provide incentives for businesses who would cover the cost of student loans for their employees. Additionally these employees would not pay taxes on the money granted for loan repayment. This is a win-win for employers and employees.

Reform Immigration

Our immigration system needs to be reformed. I support expanding work visas and student visas that could be converted to green cards. Foreign students who come to America for graduate schools are often the top students in their classes. They obtain a valuable education and can contribute to our economy. Because we train them, they should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and be a great addition to our workforce. I support strong border enforcement and thorough screening of immigrants. We also have to reform the visa quota system assigned to each country. Historically, fewer people from Europe apply for visas to legally immigrate to the U.S. and visas go “unused” for those countries. Central America and Asian countries have more people who want to immigrate but the limitation on visas cause them to endure long wait times. As a result, residents from countries that have long wait times come to America illegally or overstay their tourist visas.

Reducing Traffic

The 45th Congressional District is facing systemic traffic pressure on the 405 and 5 Freeways as well as on our local streets. The safety of our communities and the quality of life is tied to the amount of time they spent idling in traffic, especially in our local neighborhoods. This is why I have spent so much of my time working with the federal, state, and county agencies on a path to better infrastructure. As a board member on our regional transportation Joint Power Authority, I have stood up for our constituents and led the effort to reduce traffic. I will work to find federal transportation dollars for regional mobility and ensure that we get our fair share in tax dollars for our district.

Protecting Our Environment

We have several wildlife preserve areas in CD-45. Wildlife and forest management is necessary to ensure that residents are safe in wildlife interface zones. I intend to work with the constituents in my district to preserve and protect our natural wildlife areas. I will work with our local officials and firefighters to ensure that natural resources are preserved and firefighters can safely do their jobs. I also believe in good forest management to reduce fuel for wildfires. I think city planners, environmentalists, fire fighters, and federal forest management have to work together on forest management and wildlife interface.