Position Paper on Israel


Peggy Huang believes in supporting our staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel, through foreign policy, defense policy, counterterrorism, and by standing up against BDS, hate speech and antisemitism at home, in international bodies and abroad.  We must never forget the horrors and tragedies that took place during World War II and with the Holocaust.  It is unacceptable to allow people to deny such atrocities took place and we must stand up to those who are Holocaust deniers.

In Congress, Peggy wants to see peace and stability in the Middle East which would benefit not only the United States and Israel, but all of Israel’s neighbors as well.  As a Taiwanese-American familiar with human rights violations, Peggy has the same expectations for human rights throughout the Middle East, whether in Iran or Gaza or under the Palestinian Authority.  As a result, Peggy supports Israel as a liberal democracy and all American allies against destabilizing forces in the region.  Peggy recognizes that peace can only be made with states that respect human rights and has those same expectations for all of Israel’s neighbors.  The United States must work closely with Israel and help to facilitate peace between Israel and her neighbors while freeing Israel to negotiate without pressure. 

Regardless of the status of negotiations, Israel has the right to defend itself from those who wish to do it harm.  Peggy also supports American assistance in Israel’s defense technologies, such as David’s Sling, The Arrow, and Iron Dome.

As part of her effort to support Israel, Peggy plans to work across the aisle with Democrats in order to support bi-partisan bills which will benefit the people of Israel and American security.


The Iran deal was a mistake and should not have been made in the first place. By allowing Iran to maintain its nuclear program and emboldening them to project power and instability in the region, the deal destabilized the Middle East, and its effects continue to be felt even after the US withdrew from the deal.  If neighboring countries believe that Iran is on its way to developing nuclear capabilities, we could see a dangerous nuclear arms race in the Middle East, increasing the risk that terrorists or unstable governments gain access to weapons of mass destruction.  Also, the Iran deal provides no long-term solution.  We need a comprehensive multilateral strategy, involving all our allies in the region, that provides a solution to the problem of Iranian aggression and not just a short-term fix.

Because of Peggy’s core belief that human rights should be at the core of all foreign policy she pledges to become a member of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. 

Some of the specific plans that Peggy has when in Congress include:

  • Opposing any and all bills which would commit money to foreign entities which could be used to fund terrorist entities.

  • Supporting and strengthening the already-successful sanctions against Iran and implementing sanctions as necessary against any other terrorist-supporting states.

  • Secure additional security funding for synagogues and other Jewish institutions given the issues with antisemitism that we’ve experienced in the 45th Congressional District within our houses of worship and schools.

  • Opposing the idea of any kind of unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

  • Committing to an unbreakable U.S.-Israel bond.